Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unique Properties of Liquid Filled Capsules

Over the past few years, the pharmaceutical industry around the world has unanimously accepted the technology of manufacturing liquid filled capsules. With its growing popularity, the industry experts suggest that it is set to become a mainstream alternative for the conventional powder filled capsules. Today, there are many pharmaceutical companies that have adopted the technology and also have demonstrated the robustness of the liquid filled capsules. These capsules have some unique proprieties, which are discussed below:


One of the major reasons why these capsules gained popularity is the fact that it is manufactured in a way that it negates the problems of the conventional capsules associated with the water content in the filling. In the normal gel capsule that contain water content tend to become brittle and susceptible to breakage or leakage when it is stored at a place where the moisture level is below the required limit. The traditional capsules also tend to leak if the formulation mixture filled in it is hygroscopic. The pharmaceutical companies nowadays use proselytism for making the outer shells of the capsules that does not act as plasticizers and prevent it from becoming brittle.

Gas and Water Va pour Permeability

One of the hallmarks of these capsules is that the hard shells walls of the capsules are permeable to water vapour and gaseous substances. Generally, the stability of the capsules is affected due to oxidation of the components in the filling. To negate the risk of oxidation of the capsules, these capsules are carefully formulated in a way that the shells are impenetrable and are resistant to water vapor. In addition, the formulations of the liquid filling maintain their stability even they are exposed to condition where the humidity is low.

Interaction of the shell and inner components

It is often noted that the powder fill capsules become unstable because of the interaction between the inside filling and the shell covering. With the liquid the contact area between the filling and the capsule shell is greater. Thus, there is minimal risk of interaction. The interaction is more prominent among the capsules that are made of soft gelatine.

Attractive appearance

The capsules made with liquid are regarded as the most elegant form of dosage. These capsules add a bit of zing to the product and make it visually appealing. There are capsules that are sealed together with colorful bands. This adds third color to the product and give it a distinctive appearance as well as make it difficult to copy.

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