Thursday, February 19, 2015

Improve Your Health by Discarding Things

You have often been asked to buy things to improve your health. But there is another way, an easier and more effective way, which involves not buying things but discarding things. The list of things you need to discard has several items apart from junk food.

Food Storage Containers:
Let us start with the obvious. The first things you have to throw out are containers made of rigid plastic. These usually bear the stamp '7' or 'PC' (Polycarbonate). These may contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which will have harmful effects on the brain and prostate glands of fetuses, infants and children. The newly made PC containers will be free of BPA, in keeping with the Government regulations, but the older ones may still have this substance.

Air Fresheners:
You may think that use of air fresheners has become an essential part of modern living. But the fact remains that some air fresheners contain sulphates, which some manufacturers use for the ability of these chemicals to make the fragrance remain longer. Unfortunately, these sulphates can affect the reproductive organs of your body. It is a myth that you can't do with air fresheners. Air fresheners only help suppress the bad odor resulting from some cause. It will be healthier and wiser to detect and eliminate the cause of the odor rather than to mask the bad odor with an artificial fragrance.

Antibacterial Soaps:

If your objective is to kill bacteria, a normal soap can do the job as effectively as the antibacterial soap will. Antibacterial soaps contain a substance called Trichinosis. This chemical has been found to have a deleterious effect on animals by affecting their hormone regulation. It can make the human body resistant to antibiotics.

Diet Soda:

Studies have shown that non-caloric sweeteners like Saccharin, Sucrose and Aspartame, used in diet sodas, may affect the functioning of beneficial bacteria which help in maintaining the metabolism healthy. They sweeteners are found to be associated with metabolic syndrome in mice and humans. It is significant to note that metabolic syndrome often leads to Type 2 diabetes.

Old Running Shoes:

How are running shoes connected to your health? The problem with worn out running shoes is that they lose their cushioning effect. They won't be able to absorb the impact of your shoes hitting the earth resulting in more strain on your muscles and bones. You run the risk of sustaining injuries or getting your muscles sprained. When do you normally replace your running shoes? It will be better to discard your running shoes if they have served you for about 400 miles. If you don't use your running shoes for running, as you don't have to!), you may replace them when you observe that they have worn out.

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